The Cross Stitch Design and Fabric Viewer

Dyers and Artists

This Viewer is meant for the enjoyment of Stitchers around the world to help them select a new hand dyed fabric for their selected designs. New Dyers and Designers are only added after numerous requests from STITCHERS are made. The requests for new Dyers or Designers must come without the influence of the Dyer or Artist, be completely unbiased, and the Dyer or Designers must be well established with a good reputation. Only after a certain number of positive requests have been reached, AND I approve of the Dyer or Designers, will the Dyer or Designers then be contacted for permission to use the Dyer's or Designer's images in the Viewer.

I consider adding Dyers or Designers to the Viewer who are requested to be added by multiple stitchers in the normal course of daily life. It's less about numbers and more about genuine interest. It's not a rally call to achieve a certain number of requests.

****PLEASE NOTE**** I reserve the right to reject any images that I feel may lead to copyright infringement. ****PLEASE NOTE****

Any questions you have, please direct them to my email: dana [AT] fabricviewer [DOT] com . Please remove spaces and replace the words [AT] and [DOT] with appropriate symbols.